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sides. ohio is the must-win state. president obama had three appearances in ohio today. mitt romney two. both candidates will be back in ohio before tuesday. >>> today mayor gray announced the district would be lowering fines from those controversial speed cameras. beginning on monday. the city has had many complaints that the tickets and high fines bring in millions of dollars. tom sherwood reports now, some say the new fines don't go low enou. >> reporter: d.c. has dozens of speed cameras to catch motorists. fines range from $75 to $250. far higher than any other local jurisdiction. mayor vincent gray friday moved to curb some of the anger over the high fines and complaints the city is just raising revenue. he said beginning monday he'll lower some of the fines for speeding but raise others. >> i thi that this is a very responsible thing to do and obviously it's connected to public safety. i have said from the very beginning that this was a public safety issue for me, not an effort to raise additional revenue. >> reporter: and the mayor said he'll use traffic fine revenues to hire 100
-point obama advantage in the most important state. and in new jersey, the president got a boost that could help him in all the swing states. more praise for his storm response from romney backer republican governor chris chr t christie. >> i've instituted a 15-minute rule on my team. you return everybody's phone calls in 15 minutes. whether it's the mayor, governor, county officials. if they need something, we figure out a way to say yes. >> it's been a great working relationship to make sure that we're doing the jobs that people elected us to do. i cannot think the president enough. >> i want to thank him for his extraordinary leadership. >> reporter: better than any speech or tv ad, to lead in a crisis and have political opponents offer praise. but that sword is double edged. and if fema stum b -- stumbles, it's sure to hurt the president. >>> early voting is back on in maryland. today, the governor cast his vote in baltimore. election officials say so far, about 162,000 people have voted early in the state, ahead of the pace in 2010. >>> there were long lines at just about every pollin
york. >> reporter: and he talked to president obama and other mayors. >> the president underscored his commitment to doing everything possible to help every state and city that's been affected by sandy. he indicated that he was prepared to make sure we cut through all red tape. so the federal assistance that's needed which is needed more by some than others will be made immediately available. and indicated this could have been a lot worse. i see there is a mess out here but all my people are at work. so it looks like things are moving along. >> reporter: the d.c. government and schools closed two days are to reopen on wednesday. and early voting will resume. the city also has canceled a controversial $15 surcharge for any taxicab ride. >> how are you today? >> reporter: during his tour, the mayor was glad to see that the flood prone neighborhood of bloomingdale in near northwest made it through without serious damage. city work crews had spent several days in advance clearing storm drains. >> enjoy the rest of your day. >> reporter: but the day off is over. everyone back to work tomorr
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3